Suggested Interview Questions

Lynette M. Smith

An Experienced and Engaging Guest for Your Show

With a ready smile on her face and in her voice, Lynette will inspire your radio or television audience to start writing heartfelt letters of appreciation now, to show the important people in their lives what a positive difference they've made. Lynette will demonstrate to your listeners and viewers that writing these letters is just as personally rewarding as it is meaningful to the people they writing to.

For your convenience, here are links to two sets of interview questions:

  • A general interview (click here)
  • Discussing Lynette's comprehensive reference book and the many opportunities for writing heartfelt letters (click here)

Of course, feel free to ask other questions that support your show's theme.

Lynette's goal is to give your audience a rewarding experience while they listen or watch, when they're writing their letter, and when they present it and see how meaningful and moving it can be for both giver and receiver.

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