Radio and Podcast Interviews

"I really appreciate all the great information we shared in the episode.... When doing an interview for the podcast, you never know how it's going to go. You were a great guest from the start, and that made it fun!"

—Joe Foley, Podcast Host, No Sitting on the Sideline, Dad!


The Entrepreneur Way with host Neil Ball. Audio podcast interview (Episode 1683) with Lynette Smith, released September 16.

Total Wellness Empowerment, with Host Nancy Guberti, Audio podcast interview with Lynette Smith (30 min.), released August 23. ("It was the highest downloaded episode for the month." —Nancy Guberti)

Lifestyles with Tia with host Tia Hong. Audio podcast interview with Lynette Smith, released July 31.

Episode 25 and Episode 26, Afternoon Coffee with Mike and Tim. Audio podcast interview with Lynette Smith, released June 22 and 29, respectively.

Baltimore Is Talking Live, with host "Dr. Q" (Rev. Dr. Quentin Johnson). Live internet radio (Baltimore, MD, area), June 2, 1:20–2:00 p.m. EST.


"The Role of Gratitude in the Workplace." Better than Before with host Tony Richards. Podcast interview with Lynette Smith released January 29.


"Writing Your Heartfelt Letter: Five Easy Steps." Wacky World of the Spaz (internet radio) with host Richard Spasoff, comedian, psychic, and heartfelt communicator. Podcast interview with Lynette Smith released December 3.


"Gratitude and Letter Writing—For Parents and Kids." How to Raise a Maverick with host Emily Gaudreau. Podcast released November 9.

"Letters of Gratitude." Modern Love. Live internet radio interview with host Dr. Brenda Wade, renowned psychologist and author. Broadcast October 24.

"Family Legacy: The Lost Art of Writing Heartfelt Letters," Planet BoomerVille, Episode 48. Internet podcast interview with host Jim Enright, released August 22.

"Handwritten Letter or Note Can Be Something Special." No Sitting on the Sideline, Dad! with Joe Foley (Internet podcast). June 30 recording released September 5 in iTunes and Stitcher.

Can a Playa Play? Are You at the Top of Your Game? with Lamont "Kdiddy" Patterson and Dr. Matthew Anderson. Interview with Lynette Smith recorded March 12.

Speak Up Talk Radio with Pat Rullo. Interview with Lynette Smith regarding Good Ways to Write. Recorded Mar. 1.

"The Lost Art of Letter Writing," The Ed Tyll Show, Starcom Radio Network. Live interview with Lynette Smith, Feb. 28.

The Wake Up Show with Greg Lawson, KPHX Radio. Live interview with Lynette Smith, Feb. 25.


"Lynette M. Smith, Author of How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special" with Rick Lakin (Internet podcast, 30 min.), Feb. 15. To replay: Scroll down and click on Episode 21 title to access show page; then, below show description, click Play arrow.


The Holistic Entrepreneur with Bonnie Groessl, Interview with Lynette Smith, All My Best Copyediting and Heartfelt Publishing, BBM Global Network (Internet, 60 min.). June 23.


The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl, "Heartfelt Letters to Treasure" (Internet, 60 min.; guest segment starts 10 min. in). Oct. 6.

The Frankie Boyer Show (Internet, 17 min.). June 19.

Spy Chips with Dr. Katherine Albrecht, "Good News Friday" segment (Internet, 15 min.). Apr. 18.

It's Your Health Network with Lisa Davis (Internet, 15 min.). Apr. 16.

What's in Your Hand with Ricky Young (Internet, 30 min.). Mar. 30.

The Frankie Boyer Show, Business Talk Radio (Internet, 9 min.). Mar. 24.

The Michael Dresser Show (Internet, 15 min.). Feb. 11.

Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva, "Turn Your Workplace into a 'Thank Tank'" (Internet, 60 min.). Jan. 20.


The Believe Show, "A Last Minute Gift That Means So Much" (On Air, 30 min.). Dec. 22.

Motivation with a Purpose Radio, "The Best Present Is Free" (Internet, 53 min.). Dec. 6.

Secrets of Success with Bill Horan (WHPC), "Writing Letters of Appreciation" (On Air, 29 min.). Dec. 4.

American Hope Radio with WL Laney (Internet, 17 min.). Dec. 4.

The Maggie Linton Show (Urban View 110), Sirius XM, "Writing Heartfelt Letters to Loved Ones" (On Air, 20 min.). Nov. 22.

Conscious Discussions with Lillian Brummet, "The Role of Letter Writing" (Internet, 60 min.). Nov. 7.


Color Your Life Happy with Flora Brown, "Good Ways to Write Bad News" (Internet, 21 min.). Oct. 24.