For Letter Writers…

Comprehensive reference book:

Detailed guidance for writing over 150 types of letters of appreciation. Extensive appendix contains demographic positive-word lists and many other helpful tools.

Six themed guides:

Each guide contains full themed information from the comprehensive reference book. How to Write a Heartfelt Letter of Appreciation...

Cost-saving tip: If you want more than two themed guides, get the book instead, which contains the same great information for all six themes, and then some!

For Authors, Editors, Proofreaders, and Book Designers…

Layout-proofreading handbook:

A handy brush-up for book designers and proofreaders, a useful aid for authors reviewing their book's layout before printing, and an excellent educational tool for professional proofreaders.

Reference table on types of editors:

Guide for authors to determine the type of editor to seek to perform specific editing tasks.