What Editors Do: Your Editorial-Services GPS

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No more wrong turns when searching for the right type of editor.

Save time in your search, and perhaps discover other editing tasks you can use. This handy reference helps you identify the tasks and the editor(s) you need.

Find out where to turn as you learn which of the 9 types of editors routinely perform the 18 most common types of editing tasks.

Learn what these types of editors do:

  • Developmental Editor
  • Concept or Publications Editor
  • Substantive Editor
  • Content or Technical Editor
  • Copyeditor
  • Production Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Indexer
  • Web Editor

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Here's what Valerie Liebelt wrote about this table:

Your table, What Editors Do, is what led me to your website. Now I am making a number of non-writer colleagues here at [my company] aware of your services. You may be getting requests for help from them.