Media Hooks & Press Releases

"MEDIA HOOKS: Four Pages of Great Story Ideas" (.PDF)

"Finally: A Guide for Writing Heartfelt Letters of Appreciation"
      (2012, Oct. 7, 566 words: .PDF, .DOC)

"Creating a Tips Booklet as Your First Info-Product"
      (2009, Nov. 18, 629 words: .PDF, .DOC)

"All My Best Launches Tips Booklet Series, 'Good Ways to Write a Treasured Letter'"
      (2009, Oct. 5, 743 words: .PDF, .DOC)

"All My Best Releases 'Good Ways to Write' Series of Marriage-Themed Tips Booklets"
      (2009, Oct. 5, 804 words: .PDF, .DOC)

"All My Best Launches New Website for 'Treasured Letters' Tips Booklets"
      (2009, Oct. 1, 630 words: .PDF, .DOC)