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Imagine a world of people focused on gratitude for one another. You can make it so! This guide helps you touch supervisors and employees with your genuine, original letters that will be treasured forever. It includes everything relevant for this writing theme from the author’s comprehensive reference book, “How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special.”

Discover these valuable tools and tips:

  • The essentials of planning, writing, packaging, and presenting your letters to convey your messages effectively.
  • How to honor a supervisor or employee who has “performed above and beyond” on a special project; who is celebrating a milestone work anniversary, bonus, award, salary increase, or promotion; who is retiring; or who is seeking a letter of reference (recommendation letter).
  • Over 500 powerful words to help you describe a supervisor or employee, organized into seven demographic lists.
  • A selection of the best inspirational quotations to enhance your letters.
  • A variety of sentence jumpstarts in case you need a boost. Together we can change the world, one heartfelt letter at a time. Use this guide to get started now!
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How to Write
Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

"A 'must have' for every household and business! I love this book. It takes the guessing out of how to express yourself... an easy step-by-step reference filled with valuable suggestions to help you write heartfelt letters, regardless of the situation, that will be cherished forever." —Sharon Lund, DD

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