Ideas: Profits, Promotion, and Fundraising

Improve your company's standing, promote your organization's cause, or raise funds: Customize and/or distributing the books, guides, booklets, and handbooks listed on this website.

For example, your logo, message, and/or contact information can appear on the front or back cover or just inside the cover on a tipped-in sheet. Or sometimes, if you require a smaller quantity, it can make sense to just use your laser or inkjet printer to print your promotional message on the larger Avery 8395 labels (the right size for a booklet panel, and Avery offers a template) and then affix them to these publications.

This list is only the beginning. Let your creative juices flow--the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
Plus targeted ideas for:

For General Promotion...

To your clients and customers at year's end, to thank them for their business, or as a thank-you for a sales appointment or a new business relationship.

To your prospect list to stay in touch, or as a "free with purchase" incentive during a specific time, with a certain purchase amount, or when opening a new account.

To prospects at a trade show.

As an incentive for completing a questionnaire or survey.

As thank-you gifts when mailing your invoices.

As value-added bonuses with a product or service you sell.

As an incentive to the first X number of people who enter a drawing, come to your store, or respond to an offer.

To people and organizations that can refer business to you.

As an incentive for signing up on your mailing list.

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For Foreign-Language Distribution Rights...

To license a publication's translation into the foreign language of your choice and to print X number of softcovers or distribute X number of downloads for your use or resale.

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From Associations, Clubs, and Organizations...

As an incentive for new membership, renewal, or early-bird event signup.

As a value-added membership benefit. (Tip: Reduce or eliminate your costs by co-branding with a corporate sponsor.)

To generate non-dues revenue from members and nonmembers:

By reselling publications for buyers for their own use or to give to their clients or customers. (Tip: Let your buyers place their own promotional label on the publications when they receive their orders.)

By using your Amazon affiliate link on publications promoted on your website. When your visitors click-through to the publication page on Amazon and make a direct purchase, you receive a commission—on that plus whatever else is purchased on Amazon in the same transaction. (Tip: This is a great way for your organization to earn nondues income with no effort or expense.)

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From Association Sponsors...

To mail to each member, with a cover letter thanking them for their support or reminding them of your service or product.

To include in a welcome kit for new association members.

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From Event Sponsors...

At each banquet place setting or on each chair or on the table for a meeting.

In promotional-literature "swag bags" for attendees.

In a special, pre-event mailing, reminding attendees to stop by your booth.

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From Event Exhibitors...

As a special premium distributed freely or judiciously from your promotional space.

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From Service Providers...

To clients as a value-added thank-you.

To prospects as a thank-you for an initial appointment.

As a value-added bonus with your service.

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From Counselors...

To patients/clients to help them strengthen their personal relationships.

As a promotional handout at speaking engagements.

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From Retailers

Bridal shops, tuxedo-rental stores/departments, florists, bakeries, department store gift registries, and party supply stores for booklets and guides; fine stationery stores, and holistic/retreat/religious gift stores for books.

As a value-added bonus with your product, rental, or registry.

As regular shelf stock or in a countertop rack.

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From Religious or Spiritual Institutions

To distribute to families of special-occasion honorees.

To sell in your gift/bookstore, either from a countertop display or on shelves.

As a fundraiser for summer camp or another worthwhile cause. (See "Fundraising" section below.)

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For Fundraising

For your high school, church/synagogue/temple/mosque, club, sports team, etc.

Take orders for later delivery; when your bulk shipment arrives, optionally place your organization's thank-you message inside each publication and then deliver to your customers.

Sign up as an Amazon.com affiliate and have people click-through to Amazon from your website's affiliate link to make direct purchases. You receive a commission—on the original item plus whatever else is purchased on Amazon in the same transaction. (Tip: This is a great way for your organization to raise funds with minimal effort and no expense.)

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