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"Meet Lynette M. Smith of All My Best," VoyageLA Magazine (interview), January 2.


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"Writing Letters to Express Lasting Gratitude" by Lynette M. Smith, Paragon Road (blog), October 2017


"Author Spotlight: Lynette M. Smith" Heart & Soul (e-zine profile, 1,400 words), Nov. 3.

"Create a Lasting Memento: Show Your Gratitude in Writing!" Heart & Soul (guest ezine article by Smith, 700 words), Oct. 24.


"It's Never Too Late to Find Your Path," Story Bistro (guest blog by Smith, 1,500 words), Dec. 27.

"A Healthy Attitude of Gratitude," Energy Times (written commentary by Smith, 700 words), Nov. 23.


"Walking the Flower-Lined Path" (guest blog regarding Smith's story, on Essence of Laurel—inspirational stories of transformation and self-realization), Nov. 20.

"It's Time to Demonstrate Your Gratitude"  
     (CelebrateLove.com blog post by Larry James), Nov. 6.

"Senior Spotlight," The Senior Reporter (written interview, print), Nov.

"Interview with Lynette M. Smith,"  AuthorMePro.com (written online interview), Sep. 19.

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How to Write
Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

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