A Treasured Letter to Your SON or DAUGHTER
Getting Married


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A Treasured Letter To Your GROOM When You Marry

The wedding of your SON or DAUGHTER...

is a special occasion, which makes this the perfect time to convey your love and appreciation in a lasting way! Letter writing is fast becoming a lost art. That's a shame, because a thoughtfully written letter means so much to the loved one who receives it. Imagine the joy and validation you will bring when you apply a bit of reflection and planning to giving your son or daughter a treasured letter that celebrates their marriage and wishes them well on their future. They will be deeply moved by your gesture and will always cherish this loving memento that lasts longer than spoken words alone. This booklet has been created to help you compose a heartfelt letter to your son or daughter. It's also a helpful tool for a wedding speech from bride's parents or wedding speech from groom's parents.


Distinctive features...

in this booklet include 72 positive descriptors that have been carefully selected as the most powerful and appropriate words, tips to help you come up with special memories, and a section for special circumstances such as if you're a single parent. Just follow these five steps—Plan It!, Write It!, Package It!, Present It!, and Enhance It!—to enjoy the process and share the love.


Sample tips

Offer just a few suggestions for a healthy marriage. Topics might include trust, respect, friendship, generosity, communication, forgiveness, unconditional love, the Golden Rule, quality time together, or interest in the other's hobbies.

For a stepchild: You can honor a stepchild with an individual letter, especially if your own marriage took place before your stepchild left home. In it, you may acknowledge positive parenting experiences and perhaps express gratitude for being treated as wonderfully as if you had been your stepchild's birth parent.


How to Write
Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

"A 'must have' for every household and business! I love this book. It takes the guessing out of how to express yourself... an easy step-by-step reference filled with valuable suggestions to help you write heartfelt letters, regardless of the situation, that will be cherished forever." —Sharon Lund, DD

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