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GREAT Relationships!

The Big, Achievable Goal

To get millions of people worldwide to write heartfelt letters of appreciation so they can establish, enhance, and even rebuild their relationships and thus change their world. 


Go to Personal Communications for more information about the new, inspiring reference book, HOW TO WRITE HEARTFELT LETTERS TO TREASURE: FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND OCCASIONS MADE SPECIAL, and to explore our line of convenient, affordable 16-page MARRIAGE-THEMED TIPS BOOKLETS designed to help brides, grooms, and their parents write treasured letters to one another to celebrate the marriage. Who do you appreciate? Let them know!

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Go to Resources for great ways to plan, write, package, present, and enhance what you write. You'll be glad you did!


Or go to All My Best if you're seeking expert copyediting services for your treasured letters, nonfiction book manuscripts, or business communications.


How to Write
Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

"A 'must have' for every household and business! I love this book. It takes the guessing out of how to express yourself... an easy step-by-step reference filled with valuable suggestions to help you write heartfelt letters, regardless of the situation, that will be cherished forever." —Sharon Lund, DD

Treasured Letter Booklets

"Each of these well-developed booklets provides an outstanding guide for people to make the 'once in a lifetime' moments in their lives even richer and more memorable. Your guides are professionally done, user friendly, and packed with good advice. Our company will be recommending these booklets to our clients, as well as to our family and friends." —John & Patricia Carratello

What Editors Do:
Your Editorial-Services GPS

"Your table, 'What Editors Do,' is what led me to your website. Now I am making a number of non-writer colleagues here at [my company] aware of your services. You may be getting requests for help from them." —Valerie Liebelt